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In our country, the disabled community is at times overlooked by mainstream society. Particularly, individuals with visual impairments and the elderly, who experience gradual loss of vision, encounter difficulties in adapting to their surrounding environments. In recognition of these challenges faced by these individuals, a novel garden bench has been thoughtfully conceived and designed.


More than
2 million people in India are not aware of their visual impairments.

The central concept behind this design initiative is to address the specific needs of visually impaired individuals and the elderly population. The garden bench is meticulously crafted by layering bamboo elements atop one another, securely bound by steel wires. The choice of colours applied to the furniture serves a dual purpose: it aids in making the bench's form easily distinguishable amidst the garden surroundings, enhancing its visibility. The hollow nature of bamboo allows it to produce distinct sounds when gently struck by the wind, providing an additional sensory cue for identification.

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