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Enhancing Workplace Accessibility:
Furniture Solution for Wheelchair Users

Introduction of a special furniture design specifically tailored for wheelchair users in office spaces. This innovative solution addresses the challenges wheelchair users traditionally face, allowing them to move and work comfortably. By eliminating these obstacles, the design promotes increased productivity while fostering an inclusive environment.

Published on YANKO DESIGN

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15% of the global population faces disability challenges

Disability is a term that hinders certain individuals from independently carrying out their daily tasks. It represents a barrier preventing a portion of our society from fully integrating into the mainstream framework. Approximately 15% of the global population faces challenges related to disabilities, yet less than 1% of individuals with disabilities are actively involved in the workforce.

As our world continues to grow, new offices and structures are constructed on a daily basis. Fortunately, many prominent offices have begun embracing standards of accessibility and universal design to accommodate individuals with disabilities. However, when considering the interior design of these spaces, the furniture used often lacks sufficient provisions for the specific needs of wheelchair users. This can pose health issues, as wheelchair users are required to rely on their chairs for prolonged periods of sitting and mobility.

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