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Keeping health awareness in mind, we designed a furniture which focuses on the regular bowel movements.

Why Potty Stool?

During the challenging times of the pandemic, many individuals were confined to a single location, leading to sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy dietary habits. As a consequence, a significant portion of the population experienced irregular bowel movements, which can potentially result in severe health issues. To address this concern, we developed a potty stool that allows individuals to mimic the squatting position, similar to the posture adopted on European seats while using Indian-style toilet seats. This innovation aims to promote healthier bathroom habits and improve overall well-being.


- diarrhoea
- abdominal cramps and pain
- blood in stools
- fatigue
- constipation

- sudden urges to have a bowel movement
- weight loss
- gas related problems
- bloating


Treatment plans may involve
- Lifestyle and dietary changes
- Courses of medication and antibiotics

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